Shae Kipp

skippShae Kipp is an Ecologist for IES. Mr. Kipp received his Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the Arthur
Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas.
His responsibilities include, but are not limited to, waters of the United States delineations, threatened
and endangered species habitat assessments, and Phase I environmental site assessments. He is
predominantly responsible for developing and implementing general tree surveys and tree health
assessments. Over the last eight years, Mr. Kipp has conducted countless field evaluations on behalf of
municipalities, private landowners, and private companies across most of the State of Texas as well as
Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Alabama. Additionally, Mr. Kipp has consulted clients on project design,
construction, and implementation with the purpose to ensure regulatory compliance for more
expedient projects. Mr. Kipp’s training from college about the power observation has led him to believe
that by becoming more aware the environment and its components, he can not only help clients more
efficiently navigate the regulatory processes efficiently but also be a more effective and integrated

While Shae grew up in Garland, he, his wife, and their three dogs moved to the small town
of Celeste, Texas where he is currently renovating a 1940 wood-frame home. He enjoys participating in
and attending flea markets and estate sales. He is active in a church not far from where he grew up and
keeps close to family.